Westcreek Orthotics manufactures many different types of orthotics for various foot conditions. Since all foot conditions are diverse from each other, all the orthotics are custom made and different from each other.

Foot Wear

At Westcreek Lab, we carry a wide variety of NAME BRAND orthopaedic footwear to serve all your clients

Compression Hosiery

Westcreek Lab is pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Airway Medical Truform Stockings,


At Westcreek Lab, we focus on providing our partners with custom made orthotics which are truly unique to each clients specific requirements.

Our services are provided to Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Chiropractors and other health related professionals with lower extremity biomechanic training.

We work with our partners to ensure all of their clients needs are satisfied, while promoting a drug free approach to pain relief.

Our main product offerings are:

  • Custom made orthotics
  • Specialized / activity specific custom orthotics
  • Compression hosiery for men and woman
  • A wide selection of quality, name brand footwear to address all needs

By choosing Westcreek Lab for your orthopaedic needs, you are selecting a high grade, top choice service provider for your client’s unique biomechanic needs, while allowing us to continuously support your clinical practice and competitveness.

Our research and development department spend countless hours ensuring each custom made orthotic passes our strict quality control parameters, while also researching and developing new and exciting products to offer you and your clients.