At Westcreek Lab, we carry a wide variety of NAME BRAND orthopaedic footwear to serve all your clients unique bio-mechanical needs.


Research shows that an orthotic and shoe are a complete package. An orthotics effectiveness can seriously diminish if the orthotic is placed inside inappropriate footwear that is not conducive to the clients specific needs.

As such, we strongly recommend that Practitioners focus on a complete model of care (Orthotics in conjunction with footwear), which will result in a more positive experience and overall health improvement for their clients.

From running shoes, to dress shoes to even accommodating footwear, Westcreek Lab is committed to offering high end footwear that can be used in conjunction with our custom made orthotics.

Westcreek Lab invests heavily in product research and product availability to ensure all of our footwear styles are available without any supplier disruption and that the product performs to our standards.

Our purchasing department spends countless hours to ensure our core footwear products are always in stock and ready to be shipped immediately. The advantage of using Westcreek Lab for your footwear needs is simple?Offer shoes that are in stock and that complement our custom orthotics to work properly and effectively together. Other orthopaedic shoe suppliers offer hundreds of different styles and brand names, which ultimately translate to back order shipping and 4 to 6 week delays before your client receives their shoes. This is not only frustrating for practitioners, but it can also translate to an unsatisfying patient experience. This however, is not the case with Westcreek Lab.

Westcreek Lab ensures that our footwear lineup is readily available and will notify you immediately should there be an issue with supply.